Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Moving in...

Well, our home dynamic is changing. Lee's daughter, Andrea, and her daughter Madison are moving in! Andrea is so flooded with debt that she can't afford her apartment and be able to make payments on her other bills. She is also getting ready to start nursing school in January, so we told her to move in with us until she can get out of school and back on her feet. Madison is so excited! She has been telling us and her mom that she wanted them to move in with us since she was 2!

Andrea & I have been working on getting our basement fixed up for her. We started painting yesterday and today we're going to finish with that and since one of her brother's friends came and got his pool table out, she's going to have plenty of room for a living space. Luckily, the basement was already finished when we bought the house and we already have a living area (tv, furniture, etc), a bedroom and a full bath, so all we need to do is just paint and do some sprucing up. The only downside to this, that I can see so far, is that ONCE AGAIN, my sewing studio will have to wait. I was waiting for the pool table to go, so I could set up my new Koala cabinet, but now, it will be pushed to the side...again. *SIGH* Oh well, we will enjoy having them here and I know that a huge load has been lifted off Andrea's shoulders. That's what family is for, right?

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