Monday, August 25, 2008


Oh how time flys when you're having fun!!!

I am now on Etsy. I am starting out slow, but will be building up my inventory as the days go by. I decided that it's time that I started finding a way to support my fabric/quilting habits, so that DH can have more money for his own spending habits. After all, he is the one working outside the home, so I think he deserves more of the "leftover money" for himself.

Madison started Kindergarten last week, and she also moved up to the intermediate class in dance. She's now taking jazz, as well as ballet and tap. She also got her hair cut since I had her pictures made. It now hits the tops of her shoulders and is so adorable!

I can't believe how "cool" it's been here for the month of August. In the 80's, with relatively low humidity. SO NOT like a typical August here in Arkansas. I shudder to think what winter may bring us.

Well, so much for this. I've got to make sure I have all the ingredients to make Pasta Puttanesca for supper tonight. Madison requested it, so she could take some leftovers to school for her lunch tomorrow. TTFN!

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