Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Early B-day presents

Every year my hubby asks what I want for my birthday, and every year I say, "Nothing.". Well, this year I beat him to it. I found some really cute shirts on sale at Old Navy and I told him yesterday morning that I knew what I wanted. So now, I have 8 new shirts and 3 new scarves coming as my early birthday presents. Here's what I got:

4 of these in saucy red, lake victoria, black jack and purple velvet

this one in plummy mummy

2 of these in black jack and marshmallow white

this in black jack

2 of these in lagoon and blink pink

and this in black

Did I also mention that I had an email coupon for 15% off and since I used my ON credit card, I got free shipping. HORRAY!!!
I love Old Navy, but was so disappointed when they stopped carrying their Plus size line in stores. Now if I want something, I have to order online, which is quick and easy, but I like actually feeling the fabric and trying stuff on before I buy it. *sigh* At least they have a plus size line that I like AND is affordable.
Well, I'm off to the quilt shop for the rest of the day. I've got to take hubby some lunch (he requested sushi) and then pick Madison up from school. Her mom is taking her to the fair tonight. Hopefully, the rain stops so they don't end up soaked and sick!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Never forget...

all those that lost their lives and their friends and loved ones on this day eight years ago.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Do you love totes/purses as much as I do? If so, head on over to Crafty Mama Creations and check out the one she's giving away on Sunday. And if you don't want to enter? Then check out her etsy site for bags she has for sale. Beautiful!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Monthly Menu

OK, so for the past (almost) 9 years, I have done monthly menu planning. I type out a months worth of suppers and do my grocery shopping from that menu. I used to do it on a bi-weekly basis, based on hubby's paydays, but during the hot summer months, I hated having to go out even that often. So since the beginning of summer I've stretched out my grocery trips to once a month. Then I found Mommy's Kitchen and she posts her monthly menus on her blog. GENIUS!

Here is my September menu with linked recipes.

1. Beer brats, easy baked beans
2. Burgers, pea salad
3. smothered pork chops, oven roasted asparagus
4. crock pot pork butt, steamed broccoli
5. crock pot pintos and leftover butt, cornbread
6. pizza night
7. bacon cheeseburger meatloaf, mashed taters
8. steaks, mashed sweet taters
9. southwest chicken tacos
10. meatball stuffed shells, garlic bread
11. easy pot roast (I also add 1 envelope onion soup mix to this recipe), corn on the cob
12. garlic chicken, oven roasted asparagus (see above)
13. muffuletta and chips
14. pizza night

OK, I should mention that instead of having 30 different meals, I instead have 14, that I schedule this way: meals 1-7 week 1; meals 8-14 week 2; meals 1-7 week 3; meals 8-14 week 4. I should also mention that every Friday night is Pizza night. Sometimes that is homemade pizza, sometimes frozen store bought and sometimes take-out...depending on my mood and schedule. Now, I realize that not every family wants to eat the same thing twice a month, but it works for my family, so please adjust to fit your crowd.

Bon appetit!