Monday, November 9, 2009

Pioneer Woman, I salute you!

In honor of Pioneer Woman being in Little Rock tonight for a book signing of her new cookbook, and since I didn't get to go, I went to her site this morning and found this recipe to make for my and Hubby's supper tonight.

I'm sorry there are no pictures to share with you since it was scarffed down almost as soon as it came out of the skillet! If you like, nay love, beef, then you MUST try this recipe. All Hubby could say was, "Babe!!!". It was really good and definitely a must have again.

We have also had her Apple Dumplings, which my 6 year old granddaughter loves to make by herself. Perfection!

I thank you, PW for such an awesome recipe! And congratulations to you on your cookbook (which I still haven't ordered yet, but I will, I promise! Unless you want to send me a free autographed one...kidding... kind really...well...maybe...).

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